GOP Weekly Address 9/7/2013 Stand By For Sticker Shock Of Obamacare

Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming says that many families are going to have “sticker shock” when they see what they’ll have to pay for health insurance under government insurance exchanges that go into effect in less than a month as part of Obamacare. In the Weekly Republican Address, Sen. Barrasso, a practicing physician for 25 years before coming to Congress, notes that the President refuses to acknowledge that Obamacare “fails to solve the number one concern of Americans when it comes to health care — which is cost.” The American people have a choice, says Senator Barrasso — embrace Obamacare for four more years, or repeal the law and move quickly to help people get the care they need, from a doctor they choose, at lower cost. “That’s what Republicans are fighting for,” he says. “It’s time for Democrats to join us.”

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