Guest post; what would you do if…

Your country were attacked? You’re horrible dictator were hanged after a kangaroo court proceeding? Your army was disbanded by the invading army? Foreign troops take your cities? They remove you from your home? When you find some place to live you have intermittent power for 4 years so you can’t keep limited food supplies from rotting and can’t feed your children? You can’t bathe or mix baby formula because there’s no water? There’s 70% unemployment? They take control of your natural resources? People around you are fired from their jobs for their political affiliations? People are rounded up in the middle of the night and you never see them again? Raids are killing your neighbors, women, and children? You’re called evil and have lost almost all your god given human rights? Your people are being tortured in foreign countries? The invading army was building 14 permanent military bases and the largest foreign consulate ever? Your schools and hospitals are mostly closed and when they’re open are intermittently bombed? If you complain you’re taken to a foreign country and tortured? The leader of the invaders is threatening yours and other countries with nuclear attack?

I know what I’d do.

I’d fight to the death.

Now, what would you do if your President were responsible?

89% of Iraqi’s want us to leave. We were lied to in order to go to war. The CIA laughed at the “evidence” of WMDs. 15 U.S. intelligence agencies discredited the same spurious proof. The military warned about the poor strategy of going into Iraq. Everyone who spoke up was discredited. One of the major spearheads of the CIA effort to stop proliferation of nuclear weapons was destroyed to conceal the lies leading to an unknown number of disappearances, death and torture of undercover agents across the world in the process. The President has said in Congressional Examination “We have found no ties between Iraq and Al Queda.” Yet he continues to tie the two together to justify the invasion. $8,000,000,000,000 went missing in the first week of the invasion. Evidence that the attack on Iraq was planned prior to 9/11 has been silenced as “against national security.” One of the most respected newsmen in America was forced out for bringing up allegations of a forged military record of our President while the information on that forged record was never discredited. We, our relatives, friends, and future children each owe over $30,000 to support this war.

This is not about the troops. This is about the leadership.

Contact your local representatives. It’s time to call for impeachment of this administration. It won’t happen without you demanding it.

This post is from a fantasy football sight I participate in.  The Writer is The BitterGators.  This was copied here without his permission, but I hope to get more ramblings from him in the future, and with his permission next time.  This is just an example of writtings I would like to include on this sight.  Thoughtful and Insightful.  thanks BitterGators.

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