Hands Off My Healthcare Petition From Americans For Prosperity

The Super PAC, Americans for Prosperity, have a new campaign out calling on people to send in a petition to their representatives in Washington D.C., asking them to repeal Obamacare.

Dear Member of Congress,

I am deeply disappointed at the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Health Care bill. President Obama’s health care law will result in higher costs, fewer choices, and worse care for American families. Americans deserve real patient-centered care. Please keep your hands off my health care and I urge you to fully repeal Obama’s deeply flawed health care bill.

According to AforP, “President Obama promised that his healthcare law was not a tax increase, but now we know it is actually one of largest tax increases in history. Tell Obama: repeal the healthcare bill and pass patient-centered reform.” Tim Phillips, the president of Americans for Prosperity, said in a letter to supporters, “Obama’s health care law not only gives the federal government the power to penalize Americans for not buying something they may not want, but it is completely unaffordable. According to a study by a Trustee on the Medicare Board, this big-government legislation will add $530 billion to federal deficits and increase Washington spending by $1.76 trillion over the next decade.” Phillips added that, “Americans for Prosperity is deeply disappointed in the ruling, but we are not giving up. In fact, we’re working to make sure Congress knows the American people will accept nothing less than full repeal of this disastrous health care takeover.”

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