Happy Presidents Day, Is George W. Bush The Worst President Ever

US News and World Report are known for their best of and worst of list, and now they have an article about the 10 Worst Presidents
They say it is to early to judge G.W. Bush, but at the end of the article they let us pick who we think is the worst. You get to pick the three worst. The results surprised me, G.W. Bush is far ahead of everyone. When I voted, he was voted on 82% of the time. Another surprise was Ronald Reagan at number three, and George Bush 41 was number 5. It really isn’t fair or balanced, because Bush’s screw ups are still pretty fresh in our heads. Bush does have a lot to answer for though. The deaths of thousands that never did anything to harm America. He has created so much turmoil in the middle east with his cowboy policies that we will be cleaning up that mess for many years to come. How about habeus corpus, suspended to fight terrorist, will we ever get that back? How long will it take us to pay back the close to a trillion dollars he has spent on his war in Iraq. With Bush it really is to early to put him on the lists, but plenty of folks still seem to think he deserves to be put at the very top of the list.
Here is a Rolling Stone article with a look at the worst President ever, and George W Bush is in serious contention for the title of worst ever. If you google worst President ever, you get a whole bunch of anti Bush stuff, there’s http://www.worstpresident.org/, and One Thousand Reasons Documenting the Failures of the Bush Administration. among a long list. This is all surprising, since G.W. Bush also had some of the highet polling numbers since they have been looking at this stuff, yet he has tumbled almost to the bottom to be considered by many to be the worst ever.
Alan Cosgrove

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