Herman Cain Invites You To His Revolution On The Hill

Herman Cain is calling on people to join him for his revolution on the Hill on April 16th. “Where will you be when we turn the tide against oppressive taxation on April 16th on Capitol Hill? Will you be able to tell your grandchildren that you were part of the peaceful revolution that faced incredible odds? That you fought the bloated government bureaucracy that threatened to suffocate the American economy? On April 16th, the American people are going to show up on Capitol Hill to demand an end to a repressive tax code by demanding the simplicity of 9-9-9! We need all hands on deck for this event, and Mr. Cain has put together this video asking you to join us.” According to Cain the day “culminates in a powerful “Cain’s Revolution on the Hill Rally” where “We the People” will let members of Congress and the president know that it’s time to do away with our antiquated, contorted economic system and promote the themes of tax reform, monetary reform, and regulatory reform.”

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