Herman Cain Stands Strong Against Hostile Interview From MSNBC

Herman Cain interviewed with Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC from a Barnes and Noble book signing for his new book, “This Is Herman Cain” and met up with a hostile interviewer. Cain maintained his composer even though he was accused of being a draft dodger, and traitor to the black people among many other things. This is a strange series of questions from O’Donnell. He seemed more interested in smearing Cain’s reputation in some way than he did in finding out anything about Cain’s policies. O’Donnell purposely mispronounced Cain’s 9 9 9 plan to try to throw ridicule at it. Cain went into the belly of the beast and came out stronger. An interesting side note is that O’Donnell was 18 in 1969 at the peak of the Vietnam War. O’Donnell attended college until 1976, getting a deferment until the end of the war, while Cain worked for the Navy in the field of ballistics during the war.
If you have doubts about Herman Cain, then watch this interview.

Part 1;

Part 2;

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