Hillary Clinton About To Get Booted From Presidential Idol

First it was the primary, then the VP spot, and now Hillary Clinton is about to get booted off of Presidential Idol. We are about a week away from finding out which three candidates will be in the race for the final vote on Presidential Idol. Currently Ron Paul is leading, and has rarely been behind since the game first started over a year ago. Also, still in the running for the crown are Barack Obama, Chuck Hagel, and Hillary Clinton. Clinton has been behind in the polls all month with Hagel and Obama battling it out for second. At the end of August one of these four candidates will get booted, and the top three will go on to the finals. From those three candidates we will decide who is the next, and first Presidential Idol . Whoever has the most votes on midnight November 4th will be the winner of Presidential Idol. Stop by and vote, it’s free.

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