Hillary Clinton Explains The Difference Between Bills 93 and W’s 8

Hillary Clinton was in Iowa today, and she explained the difference between President Bush’s firing of 8 U.S. attorneys and President Clinton’s releasing of 93 U.S. attorneys. In an interview with AP Hillary said, “That’s a traditional prerogative of an incoming president.” The difference is President Clinton released all those attorneys at the beginning of his term and replaced them with U.S. attorneys more to his liking, like Democratic ones. President Bush, on the other hand, released all his mid term and many were involved in investigations of Bush cronies. Democrats say the firings were for political reasons, but the Bush administration maintains they can do what they want. It is true they can fire U.S. attorneys at will because they are political appointees, but the timing with these guys is a bit off. Hillary Clinton went on to say that if elected president she would probably fire all 93 of Bush’s appointees and replace them with her own bunch.
While in Iowa Hillary received a major endorsement from Tom Vilsack. It was payback time for Vilsack since Hillary did some fund raising on Vilsack’s behalf during his first run for governor in 1998. Vilsack said, “I don’t forget those things and I don’t think we in politics should ever forget what people have done to help us.” Vilsack said Hillary, “is the person to be the next president of the United States,”…..“She is tried, she is tested and she is ready.” This is an important endorsement because Iowa holds the first caucus, and the Vilsacks have a lot of influence in Iowa. Hillary has given both Vilsack and his wife Christie a job in her presidential campaign. Tom will be a national campaign co-chair, and Christie Vilsack will be her Iowa campaign co-chair. The Vilsacks plan on campaigning with Hillary from time to time. I think Tom is trying to get a V.P. job.
Alan Cosgrove

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  1. Emmy says:

    Democrat Clinton, on Sunday, continued to drop vague hints about how she expected to implement her proposed health insurance plan. She said she would consider penalizing workers who refused to buy the health insurance coverage for Americans.

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