Hillary Clinton Proposes Health Care Coverage For Every Child In America, and They’re Back

Hillary Clinton co-sponsored The Children’s Health First Act today, a bill aimed at providing health care for every child in America. The bill would provide incentives to states to expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan, SCHIP. A child in a family of three making 70,000 and under would be eligible with this bill. In a Hillcast video Hillary said, “With health care costs growing twice as fast as wages, it’s middle class families that now need a hand, and they sure haven’t gotten one from this administration,”….”A lot of parents are in such a bind because they cannot afford to get the health care that their children need and deserve.” When Hillary was the first lady she championed the cause for health care, but failed. She has also been talking about expanding SCHIP since becoming a Senator. This will also be part of her agenda as she pursues the presidency. John Edwards last week said he had a health care plan, and today in a speech before the firefighters Edwards said, “I’m proud of the fact that I’m the only candidate, at least until now, to have a specific, substantive [health care plan],” he said. “I hope the others will do the same.” Looks like Hillary is doing something.
Hillary is also in the news because of a speech in New Hampshire where she announced that the “right wing conspiracy” is back. She was referring to a case in New Hampshire where two republican operatives pleaded guilty to criminal charges because they were jamming the Democratic phone lines on election day 2002, hindering their get out the vote efforts. Hillary said, “So if anybody tells you there is no vast, right-wing conspiracy, tell them that New Hampshire has proven it in court,” The whole “right wing conspiracy” thing is a throw back to the days when Hillary was first lady and Bill was cheating on her with Monica. Hillary appeared on NBC’s Today show and dismissed the allegations against Bill as part a conspiracy, “The great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast, right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president,”
Here is a video from Hillcast talking about the Children’s Health First Act.
Alan Cosgrove

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