Hillary Clinton Threatens Letterman Over Pantsuit Jokes

Hillary Clinton made her seventh stop on the The David Letterman Show last night. She has been a guest on the show since 1994 when she first appeared as the first lady. Last night they talked about life on the campaign trail. Clinton also mentioned that Bill Clinton would run again if he could. “Well, you know, let me say that if the constitution had not been amended to make it two terms, he might be running,” she said. Letterman then asked if they considered having him as V.P. Clinton said you can’t. “Believe me he looked into that,” she said. They also talked about her possibly being the first female U.S. President. “I think it’s not so much that people don’t think a woman can do the job, it’s just that we’ve never done it before,” Clinton said. “I’m not running because I’m a woman, I’m running because I think I’m the best qualified and experienced person who can do the job. But I know that it’s a big deal that I might be the first woman president.” Clinton also read a tongue-in-cheek top ten list of her campaign promises.
Alan Cosgrove

Top Ten Hillary Clinton Campaign Promises (As read by Hillary Clinton on David Letterman Show):

“10. Bring stability and long term security to ‘The View’.

9. Each year on my birthday, every American gets a cupcake.

8. You’ll have the option of rolling dice against the IRS for double-or-nothing on your taxes.

7. Having trouble getting a flight and Air Force One is available — it’s yours.

6. My vice president will never shoot anybody in the face.

5. Turn Gitmo into a Dairy Queen as soon as possible.

4. For over a century there have been only two Dakotas — I plan to double that.

3. We will finally have a president who doesn’t mind pulling over and asking for directions. Am I right, ladies?

2. I will appoint a committee to find out what the heck is happening on ‘Lost.’

1. One more pantsuit joke and Letterman disappears.”

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