Hillary Clinton Would Like To Clean Up The White House

Hillary Clinton gave a speech at a “Woman for Hillary” breakfast in Miami yesterday, and said after 8 years of Bush the White House will need some major house cleaning. “After eight years of the Bush administration, we are going to be shocked by what we find,” the former first lady said. “Somebody said to me the other day if there was ever a time for a woman president it’s now because we’re going to have to do a lot of cleaning.” “Grab your buckets, grab your brooms,” Clinton said. “We’re going to have to do a clean sweep because there has been a culture of cronyism, corruption, and incompetence.” The crowd of about 1000 ladies and their daughters applauded loudly even after paying $100 a plate for their breakfast. Clinton told the crowd that Bush has squandered the budget surplus that President Clinton built up, and Bush has ruined the reputation of the U.S.A. around the world. She was critical of Bush’s attempts at diplomacy. “It is important to be both smart and tough,” Clinton said. “I have no illusions about how hard this job is. I have seen it closely. It is always hard, and after President Bush and Vice President Cheney, it is really going to be hard.” I remember in the other Clinton Presidency there was plenty of cronyism, and corruption, and even some incompetence. Does this mean Hillary wants to clean out Bush’s mess so she will have room for her mess? If we really want to “clean house,” it would be better to start from scratch, and get all these “inside the beltway” clowns out of Washington D.C. But that’s not likely. At least Hillary’s campaign is entertaining at times.
Alan Cosgrove

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  2. Sheldon says:

    Given the previous Clinton administration’s scandals, one should be cautious about Hillary Clinton and her claims about cleaning up the White House.

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