Hillary Clinton’s New Ad For Her Health Care Plan

Hillary Clinton has unveiled a new T.V. ad campaign for Iowa and New Hampshire that helps explain her new health care plan, the $110 billion “American Health Choices” plan. The ad says, “She changed our thinking when she introduced universal health care to America.”
Here is Hillary Clinton’s new ad;

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1 Response to Hillary Clinton’s New Ad For Her Health Care Plan

  1. Phantamage says:

    Let’s get one thing straight right from the start. The ad begins by mentioning Universal Health Care. Hillary’s “plan” has nothing to do with that.

    Universal Health Care is what they have in countries like England, and Japan, and Canada, and every other civilized nation except the United States.

    At best, Hillary’s plan is simply a new income stream for private insurance companies. But is there any wonder?

    Presidential Campaign Finance Summaries
    PAC Money: Clinton, $535,346 – Obama, $125 – Edwards, $0

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