Hillary Just Will Not Admit She Made a Mistake On Her Vote For The War in 02

The one question Hillary keeps facing is will she admit she made a mistake by voting for the war in 02, or at least apologize for the mistake. Hillary has the same answer each time, if she knew then what she knows now, then she wouldn’t have voted for the war in 02. If Hillary really believes this then, isn’t she already admiting she made a mistake in 02? Then why not just come out a say it in plain english. Hillary’s team is probably afraid of the flip flop tag that haunted Kerry so bad. Or she might be accused of being a poll watcher like her husband Bill. Speaking in Dover New Hampshire this morning, Hillary indicated there would be no apology, “I take responsibility for my vote,” Hillary said, “And it was a sincere vote based on the facts and assurances that we had at the time. Obviously, I would not vote that way again if we knew then what we know now. But I have to say that, if the most important thing to any of you is choosing someone who did not cast that vote or who has said his vote was a mistake, then there are others to choose from”…..“But to me, the most important thing now is trying to end this war.” Edwards has said he believes his vote was a mistake. Hillary now has a roadmap out of Iraq, and talks about it on her websight, which has her ideas on ways to end this war. Hillary has proposed legislation which would, require the start of a phased redeployment of troops in 90 days, or else Congress would revoke its 2002 authority resolution; cap the number of American troops in Iraq; and put conditions on the Iraqi government in return for continued American financing. Speaking about this on her websight in a video Hillary said, “This bill is a roadmap out of Iraq.”……“I hope the President takes this road. If he does, he should be able to end the war before he leaves office. But, let’s not kid ourselves, from everything we’ve seen, this president is going down a very different path. He’s fighting to escalate the war, not end it.”….“We have to end this war in a smart way, not a Republican or a Democratic way, but a way that makes us safer and gets our troops home as soon as possible.” Hillary needs to admit it was a bad decision, and she allowed herself to be mislead. Some would say she shows strength by holding her ground, but I see weakness by not admitting mistakes. Could she be just as easily mislead in the future as our President?
Alan Cosgrove

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  1. Punchy says:

    Hillary is another puppet of the Illuminati.

    Just ask Keith Olberman.

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