How Obama’s Wall Street Reform Is Working For You

From the Obama campaign; “Learn more about the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (also known as Dodd-Frank) signed into law by President Obama a year ago today. Watch to find out more about the consumer protections and long term structural changes put in place by the historic act, and get the facts about the lobbyists and special interests who are trying to undermine it.” Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, has sent out an email to supporters telling them about Obama’s Wall Street reform. According to Messina, “This morning, a group of public servants showed up to work at a brand-new agency created to protect everyday Americans from the abuses of Wall Street. They’re the folks of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and they’ll be the cops on the beat protecting consumers from predatory credit card and mortgage lenders, bait-and-switch creditors, and anyone trying to make a quick buck by deceiving or manipulating Americans who are just trying to secure their financial future. Many Americans don’t know it, but this bureau is just one part of a sweeping Wall Street reform law — the most pro-consumer and pro-taxpayer reform of our financial system since the Great Depression — that President Obama signed a year ago today.” Messina also points out that, “each and every Presidential candidate on the other side opposes this law.” But we can rest assured, “that our common financial future is more protected from the irresponsibility of a few. This law made structural reforms to ensure that the financial crisis we experienced in 2008 never happens again and that taxpayers aren’t on the hook to pay for Wall Street’s risky bets.”

Here is ‘How Wall Street reform is working for you’ from the Obama campaign team;

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