I’m Not Gonna Make Any Excuses For The Hope To Hypocrisy From President Obama

The GOP have come out with a second ad in the “Hope to Hypocrisy” series. This one uses President Obama claiming early on that he was “not gonna make any excuses,” played side by side with his long list of excuses. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a letter to supporters, “For three years, President Obama has been promising a better economy and said he would be held responsible for the outcome. But, when he realized his failed economic policies weren’t working, he decided to blame everyone but himself. Candidate Obama pledged to turn the economy around and get our spending under control. Three years later, his promises don’t match his deeds, so he’s searching for someone to blame. President Truman famously said of the presidency that ‘the buck stops here.’ But all President Obama wants to do is ‘pass the buck.’ The American people are tired of his excuses; if President Obama won’t hold himself accountable, the voters will in November.” If you want to read more about President Obama’s excuses check out this RNC Research Briefing, After Three Years Of Failed Policies, Obama Is Running Out Of People To Blame For His Own Shortcomings.

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