Is Rudy Giuliani Running For Governor Of Florida?

While the rest of the pack in sloshing through snow and rain campaigning across America Rudy Giuliani is enjoying the winter in the sunshine state. According to a letter to supporters the Giuliani camp says, “This week Rudy kicked off his first Florida Bus Tour as he began barnstorming across the Sunshine State. Florida marks the beginning of the first delegate rich contests of the primary season. The winner in Florida will receive a prize of 57 delegates and the real momentum heading into February 5th.” They call this sunshine tour the Drive 2 Five. The letter goes on to explain, “So far, four different contests have gone to three different candidates and the race for the nomination is wide open. Recent polls in Florida have proved that Rudy’s strategy has defied conventional wisdom and dumbfounded the pundits who said it would never work. Rudy is right at the top of the pack in Florida.” Giuliani is in a four way tie in Florida polls with all those other guys, and that’s after intense campaigning only in Florida. This is the laziest campaign in recent history, and for most part all those contributions Giuliani supporters have sent in are going to a Florida vacation for this New Yorker and his current wife. Giuliani is making Fred Thompson look good. I wonder if he will continue campaigning in Florida even after the Florida primary.
Alan Cosgrove

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