Jim Miklaszewski Says The Pentagon Is Acting Like Stikes On Syria Is A Done Deal

Jim Miklaszewski of NBC News says the Pentagon is acting like strikes on Syria is “a done deal.” On The Morning Joe this morning Miklaszewski said, “officially, President Obama has not yet given the order to launch those attacks, but I can tell you that officials here at the Pentagon are operating as if this is, in fact, a done deal, and they expect attacks as early as perhaps the end of this week or early next week. There are actually, Mika, four guided missile destroyers in the Mediterranean, all within easy range of all the targets that they would want to hit inside Syria. And each one of those guided missile cruisers has 56 of these Tomahawk missiles with a range of 1500 miles and a thousand-pound warhead and a GPS locater that can not only take the missile to a building, but pick the window in which to hit.”

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