Jimmy McMillan Evicted Off Of Presidential Idol

Jimmy “the rent is to damn high” McMillan was voted off of Presidential Idol for the month of July with less than 1% of the vote. That’s not all of McMillan’s problems cause he might also get evicted from his rent-controlled Manhattan apartment. He says the landlord wants him out because “my rent is too damn low.” McMillan still plans on running for the presidency in 2012, but his run on Presidential Idol is over. “Tell Obama I’m coming after his black ass,” McMillan said.
In a strange twist Ralph Nader won the month of June on Presidential Idol with 13.97% followed by Ron Paul with 13.82% and Mitt Romney with 10%. Everyone started fresh in August with Ron Paul currently leading the pack.

Here is a Jimmy McMillan music video promoting his candidacy. You can find his stuff on itunes.

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