Joe Biden Always Says What He Means

During last nights debate Joe Biden said he “always says what he means.” The RNC have put together a video with clips of Vice President Biden saying what he means. During the last four years he has said the Obama economy is a depression for “millions and millions of Americans,” he has claimed President Obama is not ready to be President, and he has said the Obama economy has “buried” the middle class. “You have to give Joe Biden credit for always saying what he means,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “His assessment of the last four years under President Obama has been spot on: the middle class has been buried and it has been an economic depression for millions of Americans. Even though President Obama refuses to lay out a plan for his second term to get people back to work, Vice President Biden owned up to the Administration’s only second term agenda, a trillion dollar tax hike. Joe Biden may always say what he means, but the American people can’t afford it any longer.”

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