Joe Biden Blasts Bush on Iraq and Launches An Online Petition To Pull Out

Joe Biden gave a speech before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday where he lambasted Bush’s policies in Iraq. Biden said that, “our troops don’t lose wars, bad polices, bad leadership loses wars.” He called on the Senate members to act;

“They should have the courage to stand up and tell the administration, they have had a God-awful policy, they have put our troops in a position that, in fact, has made it virtually impossible for them to succeed at the outset.

“They deserve a policy. They deserve a plan. There is no plan. We went to war with too few troops, we went to war unnecessarily. We went to war with these men and women ill-equipped, they’re coming home ill-served.

“It’s about time we have the courage to stand up and say to the president ‘Mr. President, you have not only put us in harm’s way you have harmed us! You have no policy, Mr. President’

“I’m so tired of hearing on this floor about courage. Have the courage to tell the administration, ‘stop this ridiculous policy you have.'”

He ended his speech with a plea to the President, “Mr. President, you’re leading us off a cliff. Stop!”
You can watch the whole speech at the end of this post.
Joe Biden has also launched an online petition to support legislation he co-sponsored with Carl Levin, D-Mich., to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq by March 2008.
To go to Joe Biden’s petition click here.
Alan Cosgrove

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