Joe Biden Tells La Raza That Mitt Romney Wants To See Your Papers

Vice President Joe Biden told The National Council of La Raza that Mitt Romney wants to see their papers. The Obama campaign is so interested in what is in Romney’s offshore bank accounts, that they have made it a campaign priority that Romney releases years of his tax returns. Biden was telling the crowd that Romney refuses to release his tax records, and turned it into an immigration issue. “And this is a man who says President Barack Obama is out of touch. Out of touch with the needs of the American people. This coming from a man who until recently had a Swiss bank account and millions of dollars invested in the Grand Cayman Islands beyond security, beyond scrutiny. And President Obama is out of touch?” Biden said. “When his father was a candidate for president in 1968, his father released 12 years of tax returns because he said, and I quote, “One year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show,” end of quote. That was his father. His son has released only one year of his tax returns, making a lie of the old adage, “like father, like son.” He wants you to show your papers, but he won’t show us his. It’s kind of fascinating. So many questions.”

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