John Edwards After Small Change

John Edwards is willing to accept any donation at this point. Sunday was his birthday, and he headed home to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. To lead up to his birthday his mother has been offering a copy of a recipe for pecan pie for any donations. According to a letter sent to supporters from John Edwards mom, Bobbie Edwards, “If I had my way, I’d be able to share a slice of home cooked pie with each of my son’s supporters. But since that’s impossible, I’d like to thank everyone who donates at least $6.10 before 6/10 by giving you my old family recipe for pecan pie.” 6/10 was John Edwards birthday. Mrs. Edwards was trying to get at least 10,000 donors by his birthday, I’m not sure if they made it. He held a bar-b-cue with some of that pie for his birthday, and the entrance fee was only $15. The event attracted about 500 people, mostly college students from his nearby alma mater the University of North Carolina. “If you want to see big, bold change in this country, your country needs you. It needs you badly,” Edwards said. “The great movements in the American history did not start in the Oval Office, they started out across America.” He told the crowd that great grassroot movements usually start with the nation’s youth. “We need you in this cause,” Edwards said as he asked for small donations and volunteers. He called this fundraising event “Small Change for Big Change.” He continued his “Small Change for Big Change” theme into the next day at the Rusty Pelican at Key Biscayne, Florida. Again he only charged $15 to attend. At both events he gave a short speech about raising wages, reducing poverty, getting out of Iraq, improving the United States image abroad, and universal health care. He told the crowds that he would close the prison at Guantanamo Bay on his first day in office. 25 seconds into his speech in Florida he said “We have such important work to do in this country, starting with ending this war in Iraq.”…. “If this war is still going on when I’m sworn into office as president of the United States, I will end this war.” Usually to get this kind of access to a candidate you have to eat at a $1000 a plate luncheon. This is a great way to reach out to people that would never dream of spending $1000 to hear him talk. But at the same time he only had 200 people attend in Florida. Hillary and Obama would only have to sell three plates to raise that much. Edwards will have to have a bunch of bar-b-cues to pay for one T.V. spot.

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