John McCain Releases His First Two T.V. Ads

John McCain will hit the airwaves with his first T.V. commercials of the political season scheduled to air in New Hampshire. The first of his two T.V. ads is called ‘One man’ and starts out with him in bed as a POW. The ad says, “One man sacrificed for his country.” Then ad ends with, “One man does what’s right, not what’s easy.” The second ad is called ‘Live Free.’ In the ad the announcer says, “Americans lost trust in their government. They’re looking for leadership. A leader with the judgment and experience to keep us safe. The courage to change Washington….. New Hampshire, you know who he is.” Then you hear McCain say, “Live free or die.”

Here is McCain’s ad ‘One Man’;

Here is McCain’s ad ‘Live Free’;

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1 Response to John McCain Releases His First Two T.V. Ads

  1. Very nice commercials. Very “P.C.”

    I wonder how long it will be until the first candidate starts the “mud slinging” ads.

    Just my 2 cents.

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