Jon Stewart Accuses Fox News Of Using GOP Talking Points

Jon Stewart of Comedy Central had a clip the other night that accused Fox News of using GOP talking points. According to the story, Fox News needs the GOP to remind them that gas prices are at a record high. It looks like gas prices are probably going to keep getting higher for the summer driving season. It has gotten so bad that a new trend is out called “staycations.” You stay home during your vacation because you can’t afford the gas to drive anywhere. The deficient is at 15 trillion, up 5 trillion since President Obama took office, and Stewart thinks it is a conspiracy when Fox Business channel talks about it. Unemployment has been an issue the entire Obama administration. The only improvement has been because of those that give up on unemployment and don’t get counted anymore. I can remember that being a huge issue during the Reagan years, now those little people don’t matter anymore. They don’t fit the script of an improving economy which the mainstream media is trying to push. Stewart then ends his little segment with a freeze frame shot of one of the Fox hosts using it to ridicule her. You could easily freeze frame Stewart in this little segment 100 times and make him look like a complete idiot every time. That is not a fair tactic, and doesn’t prove anything other than he has a cleaver editor. I think the only thing Stewart really proves with this segment is that every other news organization that doesn’t point out these things; the rising gas prices that are crippling our economy, the deficient that is putting a burden on our children, and the stagnant unemployment picture, are all actually in the bed with the DNC.
It is a real problem when so many on the left get their “news” from the “Comedy Channel.” This is “political humor and satire” by Stewart’s own words, not reality. This clip was put together to be funny, not reality.

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