Left Using Children To Push Their Agenda Again

MoveOn.org have a new ad out that they claim tells us “How to Fix America in 126 Super Cute Seconds.” In it they use children to push the leftist agenda called the contract for the American Dream. The contract has 10 points and was created from the ideas of over 125,000 Americans. All of the points come straight from the Obama administration and their ideas for Americas future. They want to push green jobs, health care for all, a fair living wage and the right to organize, and of course tax the rich more. These children have no idea what they are saying and the irony of it is, if many of these agendas pushed where passed these children will be the ones paying for it. This isn’t the first time Obama and his group have used children in their campaigns. During the 2008 campaign there were a couple of different videos out with children singing praise to Obama. The left sees no problem with using children to push adult agendas, and in fact welcome the criticism from the right on this subject. It just looks eerily like the children under dictatorships that sing praises for their glorious leaders to me. Children do not belong in politics, period.

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