Let The Mud Sling Begin, Democrats and Republicans Sling Mud, But Not at Each Other

The big news of the day is a carryover from Geffen’s remarks about the Clinton’s. The Republicans are enjoying watching the Democrats tear each up this early in the campaign. It all started with an article by Maureen Dowd in the New York Times. Mean remarks by David Geffen, who is known to enjoy picking fights. He used to be big buddies with the Clinton’s, but has since split with them since the Monica Lewinsky mess, and Bill Clinton refused to give some of Geffen’s friends some last minute pardons before he left office. Now he is spewing Anti-Clinton from behind the Obama campaign. Hillary wanted an apology, but does Obama have any control over what contributors say? Then she asked Obama to give the money back. Obama said no. It is kind of hypocritical of Obama not to at least say, I didn’t say that, he did. But instead Obama’s camp went on attack, which goes agianst the very thing he is campaigning against, negative politics. The fued is now front pages, and makes both camps look like losers. Of course the real winners are Edwards, smiling on the sidelines, right wing media outlets, and Republicans. The Clinton camp is dragging Obama down in the mudd, and he is going in without to much resistance.
On the bright side for Obama, he just was endorsed by a ghost from the past Tom Daschle. Daschle said of Obama, he “personifies the future of Democratic leadership in our country.” Daschle said Obama has a “great capacity to unify our country and inspire a new generation of young Americans, just as I was inspired by the Kennedys and Martin Luther King when I was young.”
John McCain is involved in a little inparty fight of his own against the Bush administration. The Bush guys wanted McCain to apologize for calling Rumsfeld the worst defense secretaries ever. V.P. Dick Cheny said that McCain has apologized to him in the past for making critical remarks about him and the Bush clan, and he expects that McCain will apologize agian for the Rumsfeld remarks sometime soon. McCain did have a little bit to say about it today while hanging out in LA with the Terminator Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. McCain said, “I would assess this administration’s record on global warming as terrible.” He also described Bush’s handling of the war as a “train wreck.” Sounds to me like McCain is working his way towards an apology for Dick Cheney.
McCain was in LA with Arnold to call for a nationwide low-carbon fuel standard, similar to the one Schwarzenegger imposed in California earlier this year. Arnold called McCain “great senator”and “very good friend’ who shared his views on critical issues like the environment.” He almost endorsed McCain, maybe next visit.
Alan Cosgrove

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