Marco Rubio Endorses Mitt Romney

Senator Marco Rubio (Fla-R) stopped by Sean Hannity’s show on Fox to talk about the GOP primaries, and endorsed Mitt Romney for the Presidency. “I am going to endorse Mitt Romney and the reason why is not only because he will be the Republican nominee, but he offers at this point, such a stark contrast to the president’s record. I mean, look at the President’s record. This is someone has run the country, not very well over the last 3 years, but has no experience beyond doing that,” Rubio said. Rubio added, “at the same time, he has no experience with the private sector or the free enterprise system. In Mitt Romney, we have a candidate, an alternative, in addition to being successful as a Governor running an important state in this country, he has also been successful in the private sector and offers a very clear alternative to the direction that this president’s going to take our country.”

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