McCain Romney Exchange Jabs In Florida

Mitt Romney was talking about the economy and how important it will be to the next President at a stump speech in Florida. He mentioned his own business leadership while at the same time taking a shot at John McCain. “One of the candidates running out there said the economy is not his strong suit. Well, it’s my strong suit,” Romney said. McCain was in St. Petersburg at the same time, and he wasn’t as reserved mentioning Romney by name as the one that started all these negative attacks. “Govervor Romney has been campaigning that way. He spent millions of dollars on attack ads against Governor Huckabee in Iowa, he spent millions of dollars in attack ads against me in new Hampshire and South Carolina,” McCain said. “I mean that is just the way he campaigns, so we have to respond.” Romney has outspent McCain 3 to 1 in Florida so far in ads. Romney has spent about $5.3 million on 5,700 spots while McCain has spent about $1.9 million on roughly 2,300 spots. Even Rudy Giuliani, who has gambled most of his war chest and all of his time in Florida, has only spent about $3 million on about 4,000 spots. Next up, the rest of the country.
Alan Cosgrove

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