Mike Bloomberg Raises And Lowers Expectations Again

Mike Bloomberg, the politician that claims he has no interest in the White House, is talking about the White House again. On his Website, he writes an article about 2008 election. He writes “I am not running,” but then he clarifies and writes, ‘”Are you running?’ is the wrong question. The question should not be about politics, but about leadership. Not who is the best candidate, but who will be the best President.” He denies that he has any interest, but then he writes, “For too long, the American people have been served up empty promises based on what politicians think we want to hear. It’s time for something real. That’s our challenge as a nation. That’s what this upcoming campaign needs to be about. And these are the issues and challenges that I will continue to address.” Bloomberg has kept the speculation up that he might run for President under an independent bid. He dropped his affiliation with the Republican party this past summer, and has made several policy speeches outside of New York. When someone says things like, “We need solutions that are innovative and bold, not superficial half-steps that are driven by politics, partisanship, or special interest campaign contributions. We need real solutions that honestly address the big challenges we face as a nation,” it really sounds like a campaign speech. I think Bloomberg is using doublespeak when he says, “I am not running.” Kinda like, “it all depends on what the definition of sex is.” Is he really being “something real” when he talks like that?
Alan Cosgrove

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