Mike Huckabee Explains How He Could Still Win The Nomination

Mike Huckabee took a tour of the Alamo the other day and told the crowd, “You don’t engage in your battles because you can anticipate you are going to win them. You engage in your battles because you believe they’re right. And when you believe that what you are doing is the right thing, the outcome is less important than it is that you put in every moment and every ounce of energy into it…. When it becomes nothing more than the politics of the election and not the principles, then we’ve lost more than the election, we’ve lost our national soul.” Just like Hillary Clinton Texas is important for Huckabee. In fact Huckabee can not even imagine what it would be like if he loses Texas. “That’s not an assumption I’m prepared to make,” Huckabee said. “I assume I will win Texas.” Huckabee explained to a reporter for 1200 WOAI of San Antonio that “If we win Texas, I think it changes the dynamics of this race. It could well go all the way to the convention. If the convention delegates pick the president, chances are they would pick the most conservative. I would be the one they would end up picking, if that’s the criteria.” So he recognizes his only chance at this point is a brokered convention. He has to make McCain lose to have any chance for a win.
Alan Cosgrove

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  1. Carol Baber says:

    The “sin of omission” —Trans-Texas-Corridor—many Texans to be impacted by the Mexican Toll Road —-Mike, please bring it up before Mar 4—-hang in there for a “miracle”

  2. FYI…I just finished a post on this as well. As a funny aside, Huckabee’s magic number in this “strategy” is 666. Oh sweet irony.

    If you’re curious about the math, you can find it at my post.

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