Mike Huckabee Says Gonzales Is A Distraction & Gays Are OK, Except Lesbian Mothers

Mike Huckabee told AP that if elected President, he would leave open the option of a troop increase, and would look the other way for gays in the military. He also spoke harshly of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales shortly after George Bush gave Gonzales a vote of confidence, and Gonzales himself said he had no thoughts stepping down. Huckabee said, “Sometimes the best position would be for the appointee to make the decision and not force the president to do so. You best serve the person you work for when you can decide that if you are a distraction that you no longer will create that level of problem for your boss.” Huckabee went on to say, “The attorney general is clearly creating a major distraction for the president and for the administration and for the Republican Party.” Gonzales is a “distraction” that needs to go. Huckabee isn’t the first Republican candidate to ask for Gonzales to go. Newt Gingrich has said Gonzales should resign. When they asked Huckabee about gays in the military, he responded with, “I’m not sure that being homosexual should automatically disqualify a person from the military. If a person can do his or her job, you know that’s not for me the biggest issue.” He also spoke about parental rights of lesbians. He opposes a lesbian partner of a childbearing women having equal parental rights. He said, “It’s a step toward changing the definition of marriage and family.” Change is bad. He tried to defend his tax increases during his governor tenure, and he said people that are really crazy shouldn’t have guns, but he is not sure how to determine who is really crazy.
Alan Cosgrove

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