Mike Huckabee Tells Romney That’s Enough

In Mike Huckabee’s newest TV ad he says “enough is enough.” This ad is in response to the slew of ads pointing out many of Huckabee’s weaknesses. “If you love negative campaigning, you got to be loving the last few days of this election,” Huckabee says in the ad. “But if you love our country, you got to be thinking, enough is enough.” Huckabee then ads, “My message is clear, reject their negative campaign, quit tearing each other down, and start now building up our country for our kids.” Is Romney really being negative by just pointing out the differences between the two? Huckabee complains about negative ads, but what will he do when the Democrats raise some of the same issues?

Here is Mitt Romney’s latest ad that shows the difference between the two candidates called, ‘Ready’;

And here is Mike Huckabee’s response ad called, ‘Start Now’;

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2 Responses to Mike Huckabee Tells Romney That’s Enough

  1. Nancy Crayton says:

    Factcheck.org, a nonpartisan group, has addressed Romney’s claims in his ads. They found them to be untrue and misleading. They take them point by point and source by source. Romney is willing to say and do anything to win as is evidenced by the false claims in his ads. He’s been called a phony by the Concord Monitor and the Union Leader. Even his hometown newspaper. Who would you believe?

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