Mike Huckabee Wants To Know How Condoms Help Fight AIDS

Mike Huckabee was asked by CNN if he would direct any U.S. funds to programs that promote and provide condoms for Africa to help fight AIDS. “I’d want to see how that’s used … I’ve been a little reluctant to think that condoms alone are the most effective way,” Huckabee said, “It certainly is more effective than not having them. But I think helping people understand that condoms do have a failure rate, and they are not totally 100 percent successful. And it gives some people a false sense of security thinking that they can still live dangerously and recklessly and that that’s going to be a fail safe protection when it obviously is not.” Huckabee did say there are other ways to help combat diseases in Africa like supplying clean drinking water to fight typhoid and dysentery. He also said he is willing to work with the programs already in use to help fight AIDS but, “The details are something we’ve got to focus on as we get there.” Huckabee is an ordained Baptist minister, and it sounds like he is preaching to his followers. The USAID is the agency under the State Department that is in charge of sending aid to foreign countries. According to the USAID website, “While no barrier method is 100 percent effective, correct and consistent use of latex condoms can reduce the risk of transmission of HIV, some other sexually transmitted infections, and of unintended pregnancy.” The United Nations says condoms are “an essential weapon in the fight against HIV/AIDS.” If he is so interested he should ask the people that have been there, not his congregation.
Alan Cosgrove

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2 Responses to Mike Huckabee Wants To Know How Condoms Help Fight AIDS

  1. Sassy says:

    I just don’t understand why so many people want to trip Mike Huckabee up. He answered the question~and it was not like he was preaching to anyone. He was telling it like it was. There in NO 100% way to stop STD’s other than NO sex! And education is the only way to get it across to the ones that don’t already know it. And it seems like some of these kids now days don’t know the true meaning of sex. I guess or Clinton White House days had a lot to do with “what is~is”, AND what is sexual and what is not sexual. Bill had such a hard time with that, so I guess the kids of today are too! And I don’t doubt the other countries having a tough time understanding. We are helping Africa, and other counties, but if we don’t help teach them how to help themselves do better they will never get better. WEW CAN NOT DO IT FOR THEM….IF THEY DON’T WANNA LEARN, THEY WON’T! SORRY…..that is just the way it is.

  2. steven says:

    I agree that what Mike Huckabee said is not necessarily wrong. Condoms are one part of an effective global response to HIV/AIDS. They aren’t 100% effective, but they are also an important part of an overall campaign. My concern with his response is that it suggests condoms might be taken out of the overall ABC approach all together. President Bush has done more to address HIV/AIDS than any other president, and by far has done more than President Clinton ever did. However, President Bush’s accomplishments have been sadly limited by those who are more concerned with pushing an abstinence-only agenda rather than preventing HIV.

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