Huckabee Will Stay In Florida Despite Rumors He Is Leaving

Despite all the rumors that say Mike Huckabee is to broke to campaign in Florida, he says, “we’re there every day.” Huckabee told reporters, “There are some news reports that are totally false — I don’t know who’s fueling them — that say that we are pulling out of Florida. And that’s total nonsense.” “And I think it’s just one of those things that we’re having to battle back, because we think Florida is in play,” Huckabee said. “But we also know there are a whole lot of states out there.” “Our scrappy little army’s doing pretty well out there on the battlefield,” he added. Huckabee’s campaign team has had to cut back a bit since his win in Iowa. They grounded a charter plane to carry the press around that follows the campaign. They claimed it was riding around mostly empty, and it didn’t make sense to keep paying for it. The press, losing their free ride, saw it as a sign the campaign was going broke. Huckabee says the cutbacks are just proving he is frugal. “The reason we cut some cost is because we’ve always operated in the black, we don’t borrow money, unlike some of the other candidates who can write a big fat personal check and pay for everything — I can’t,” Huckabee said. “So what we recognized was that our primary goal right now is to get nimble, to get quick, to get where we can get from place to place as quickly as possible.” “I think a lot of folks would like to see the next president treat the taxpayers’ money as frugally as we’re treating campaign money,” he added.
Alan Cosgrove

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