Mitt Romney Donates To His Own Campaign

Mitt Romney is worth about 350 million and now he has decided to give some of that cash to his own campaign. This is the second time he has donated to himself, and he might do it again before the fundraising deadline at the end of the month. We don’t know for sure how much, but he will have to disclose it when they do their financial reports. Romney says the 4 million that he has already spent on commercials is why he had to dig into his own bank account. He claims that he lacks name recognition since he is only a one term governor. “One of the things I’ve had to do that you don’t have to do if you’re name is McCain or Giuliani is introduce myself to people in Iowa and South Carolina and New Hampshire,” Romney said. During the first quarter Romney raised a record amount of 23 million, of which 2.35 million came from his own contributions. Romney said his second quarter contributions will be less because they have spent so much time campaigning and debating. Also he states that new candidate Fred Thompson is getting some of his contributions. Also on Monday Romney gave a bit of support to his aide that is being investigated for impersonating a police officer. Aide, Jay Garrity, took a leave of absence from the campaign on Friday due to the investigations. “I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this and I think other people would be wise to do the same thing,” Romney said. “He’s a good guy and wish him the very best, but this is really now in his hands.” He is a real good guy that thinks he can bully people, and impersonate a police officer. With 350 million dollars, why is this guy asking us for money?
Alan Cosgrove

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