Mitt Romney Driving The Point Home In Latest Campaign Ad

Mitt Romney can be seen driving his car around Michigan in his latest campaign ad. His campaign is using a very similar theme he used in an ad for New Hampshire earlier in the campaign. It shows Romney driving around reminiscing about the good times he has had in the state he so familiar with, and how he has plans to make things better for them. According to his campaign, “Michigan has been home to Mitt Romney. He remembers when the state was the pride of the nation. President Obama did all the things that liberals have wanted to do for years and still, people in Detroit are distressed. Mitt Romney will make Michigan stronger and better.”

Here is an ad from New Hampshire in July 2011 from the Romney campaign;

So if Romney doesn’t win the Presidency this time around there is a good chance he could do a new show with the Travel Channel, “Driving America With Mitt.”

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