Mitt Romney Gives Us A Tour Of Hillary’s House Of Horrors

Speaking to a crowd in Florida Mitt Romney gave a verbal tour of “Hillary’s House of Horrors.” “You go in one room, she wants to raise your taxes. You go in another room and she wants to have government taking over health care,” Romney said to laughter and applause. “You go in the next room and she’s weakened homeland security by voting against the authority of our government to listen in to al-Qaida’s calls.” Romney said he would keep Clinton out of the White House by by building of the conservative foundation that Ronald Reagan built. He also bragged about working across the aisle when he was the governor of Massachusetts. “We had to agree to solve things together,” Romney said. “I will not make it a personal, rancorous battle.” A Clinton spokesperson responded saying, “Given Governor Romney’s long history of flip floppping on issues, we’re not worried. We expect him to endorse us any day.”
Alan Cosgrove

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