Mitt Romney Not Responsible For Anti Fred Campaign On Internet

An anti-Fred Thompson website was up for a while, but when connections to Mitt Romney were found the website went down. The website was called The website called Thompson a number of things including, “Fancy Fred, Five O’Clock Fred, Flip-Flop Fred, McCain Fred, Moron Fred, Playboy Fred, Pro-Choice Fred, Son-of-a-Fred and Trial Lawyer Fred.” According to the site, “You’re probably in the same boat, you can’t get the theme to Law and Order out of your head, but can you name one thing that Fred did during his eight years in the United States Senate?” At one point the website asks, “Once a Pro-Choice Skirt Chaser, Now Standard Bearer of the Religious Right?” They all seem like legitimate questions to me. Through research it was discovered that the site was hosted by On the same server as this Anti-Fred site is TTS Strategies which is a political consulting firm where Warren Tompkins is a partner. Tompkins works for Romney as a political consultant in the state of South Carolina. According to Romney’s campaign as soon as this was discovered they did what they could to shut down the site. “Once we received inquiries about the site, we discovered it was created by an individual who works at an Internet firm who parked the site temporarily on the company server space of a firm whose financial partner is a consultant to the campaign, Mr. Tompkins,” according to Romney’s campaign. “Mr. Tompkins did not know about the development of the site.” Tompkins didn’t know because it was his mischievous partner Wesley Donehue that created the site. So freedom of speech is squashed to keep the integrity of Romney from being blemished.
Alan Cosgrove

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