Mitt Romney Wins Another Straw Poll

The Illinois Republican party held a Straw Poll during it’s Republican day festivities at the Illinois State Fair on Thursday. To be included a candidate had to participate in at least one of the Republican debates, or have poll numbers above 5% at a national level. Mitt Romney won the Illinois Straw Poll overwhelmingly with 40.35% of the vote. Non-candidate Fred Thompson came in second with 19.96% of the vote. Rounding out the top five was Ron Paul with 18.87%, Rudy Giuliani with 11.67%, and John McCain with 4.12%. Mike Huckabee the real winner of the Iowa Straw Poll was sixth with only 3.04%. Other candidates received even less votes. To bad ‘none of the above’ wasn’t included. Only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have been in the top five of both of the recent Republican Straw Polls. Giuliani may be ahead in the polls, but when people are really casting votes Mitt Romney keeps coming out on top.
Alan Cosgrove

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5 Responses to Mitt Romney Wins Another Straw Poll

  1. bray says:

    how much did Romney spend in Illinois?

  2. Buckwheat says:

    Another meaningless win for Mitt Romney, who, as in Ames, had to resort to bribery to get people to vote for him.

    Look at this ad he took out in the main Peoria newspaper, offering free entry, transportation, lunch, and “refreshments” for anyone who’d vote for Mitt:

    His support is hollow. Once he stops buying drinks and hot dogs for people they lose interest in him!

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  5. david says:

    So How well did Romney do in Alabama and Strattford County,New Hampshire today they both had straw polls?Hmm… Who’s Ron Paul again?

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