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It appears Fox News is trying to do comedy to counter shows like “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report.” This Sunday is the debut of their new show “The Half Hour News Hour.” The name itself already has me rolling on the floor. The shows creater, Joel Surnow says there is not enough conservative comedy on TV, “You can turn on any comedy satire show on TV,” he says, “and you’re going to hear 10 Bush jokes, 10 Cheney jokes, but you’ll never hear a Hillary Clinton joke or a global-warming send-up.” I guess he really doesn’t watch comedy TV, because there is pleanty of comedy related to the Clinton’s, Pelosi, Kennedys, and all the rest of the liberals on TV on a regular basis. Is this show any different from all the rest of the news on Fox, which is only a slight variation on entertainment already? Well, yes becase they don’t have to claim the fair and balance part on the comedy sketches, and they also have added laugh tracks to cue when it is supposed to be funny. I mean, I do find myself laughing out loud at Fox News all the time. Cavuto, Ducie, Bulls and Bears, E. D., O’Riely, Hannity, they all crack me up, and they aren’t even trying to be funny. So my guess is this show will be a really big show, great fun, the whole deal!! I have short clip here that shows some great funny racist stuff, black politicians and cocaine. Nevermind the fact Republicans didn’t seem to find it funny that George W. Bush used a bit of Cocaine himself, just he didn’t exhale or something. All good stuff here. I suggest you watch at least once and decide for yourself. Republicans can be as funny as Colbert, or can they?
Alan Cosgrove

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  1. Punchy says:

    I thought the video was funny. I too find all of the Fox hosts funny in their own way.

    I am sure that the commentators use irony as a huge ingredient in their humor.

    It is funny to conservatives in an ironic kind of way. Remember, you don’t get ratings on facts alone.

    If the left is allowed to have program after program bitching and moaning constantly, then conservatives should have theirs. I mean, one measly cable news channel versus then entire planetary news establishment?

    Maybe that show will become the “Al Qaeda” to the main stream media’s “American Values.”

    People keep forgetting that the “mainstream” media outlets consider themselves as “International News Services”. Fox considers it self to be an “American” News Service.

    Al Jazeera is slanted their way. BBC is unmistakably British, and so forth and so on.

    Fox haters are just that…haters.
    There is a common thread that holds Fox haters, Bush haters and Jew haters, they always seem to wear sandles a lot, don’t bathe very often, eat lots of veggies and curry, women forget to shave their armpits and legs, or the men have unkempt facial hair.

    …..and that’s just page 1.

    What’s good for the goose….


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