New York Firefighters Say No To Giuliani And the Democrats Say No to Fox News

Rudy Giuliani leads the Republicans in most polls, but the International Association of Fire Fighters’ (IAFF) local 94 which represents New York City has released a blasting letter that says NO to Rudy Giuliani. On March 14, 2007 the IAFF will host the first bi-partisan Presidential Forum of the 2008 election cycle. They have invited all the top tear candidates from both parties to speak before the entire union via broadcasts through their websight. One candidate missing, on purpose is Rudy Giuliani. The Union explains in it’s letter, that;

Rest assured, our exclusion of Mayor Giuliani is not about any particular contractual or policy issue or disagreement, nor is it based on his unfriendly relationship with our New York City affiliates prior to 9/11 — which we will document and explain in additional correspondence later on during the campaign. In fact, we invited several candidates with whom we have had substantial disagreement on policy issues because we feel very strongly that our members have the right to hear from all candidates, not just those who tow the IAFF line.

Regrettably, the situation with former Mayor Giuliani is very different. His actions post 9/11 rise to such an offensive and personal attack on our brother and sisterhood — and directly on our union — that the IAFF does not feel Rudy Giuliani deserves an audience of IAFF leaders and members at our own Presidential Forum.

The disrespect that he exhibited to our 343 fallen FDNY brothers, their families and our New York City IAFF leadership in the wake of that tragic day has not been forgiven or forgotten.

The IAFF says that Giuliani cut the number of firefighters allowed to look for their fallen brothers and sisters at ground zero from 300 to 25 early in November to start a “scoop and dump” program, which meant the bodies of those who perished would be carted off like garbage and deposited in the landfills. The IAFF complained about this back then but Giuliani said they were “acting like babies.” So becasue of this the IAFF not only says “No”, but “Hell No.” Giuliani was accused of being more interested in finding the gold that was lost than the bodies of fallen hero’s. Giuliani’s campagin has reponded with a sole retired member of IAFF local 94, Lee Ielpi, who says the letter is playing partisan politics. Ielpi goes on to say in iterviews on Fox and CNN that the Union is left leaning and was an early supporter of John Kerry in the 04 elections. Actually the IAFF endorsed George W. Bush in 04, but Tony Snow of CNN or Bret Hume of Fox didn’t bothered to follow up to see if it was true and reported it as fact anyway. How reliable can Ielpi be if he starts right from the gate with a lie?

The Democrats have decided to pull out of the debate in Reno that was co-sponsered by Fox News. It started with left wing bloggers, and groups. Then John Edwards pulled out. On Thursday Roger Ailes, president of Fox News, spoke at the Radio & Television News Directors Association Foundation event in Washington and compared Obama to Osama bin Laden by saying, “And it is true that Barack Obama is on the move. I don’t know if it’s true that President Bush called (Pakistani President Pervez) Musharraf and said, ‘Why can’t we catch this guy?” That was the last straw for the Nevada Democrats, and they announced they would pull out of the Fox News debate saying, “We cannot, as good Democrats, put our party in a position to defend such comments.” also refused to participate, as well as Air America, calling the terms not so fair or balanced. Fox News would have used this opportunity to malign the candidates and what they stand for. Here is an example of Fox News “fair and balanced.” reporting on Democrat Barack Obama in this Greenwald’s bravenewfilms film. When is the Air America Republican debate?
Alan Cosgrove

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