Newt Gingrich Explains How We Can Have $2.50 A Gallon Gas Again

Newt Gingrich has released a new 29 minute video explaining his energy policy for America. He explains how we can have gas for $2.50 a gallon again, and he thinks the answer is in North Dakota. But after that he wants to turn his attention to the other 49 states. According to Gingrich, “If North Dakota has that much energy, how much do we think we have everywhere else? Turns out, we may have more oil in the United States today, given new science and new technology than we have actually pumped worldwide since 1870. We may, in fact, by one estimate have three times as much oil in the United States as there is in Saudi Arabia.” Gingrich says, “inexpensive energy will fuel the economy and improve our national security.”

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