Newt Gingrich Explains Why He Is The Best Candidate

Newt Gingrich was on “The O’Reilly Factor” with Laura Ingrahm to discuss the debate and his opponents. Gingrich has been tough on the moderators at the debates and he explains this by saying, “I do think it’s important to recognize that the real audience is not the news media, and it’s not the other candidates. It’s the American people. And the American people deserve a full and clear conversation. And sometimes, frankly, that does involve the news media, which is a major player in how the country sees itself and how the country talks to itself.” He also called Rick Perry a “very smart man,” and says he fears freezing up during the debates. He recommends that Perry needs to get out more often and do some town hall meetings. Gingrich tells us the reason he is the best candidate is because he has a “lifetime record of being a consistent conservative.” He adds that he would be the best debater against President Obama and he “has a track record in Washington.”

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