Newt Gingrich Is Still In The Running

Newt Gingrich was on Fox News Sunday this morning and had positive things to say about Hillary Clinton. He also said that he still might run for President in 08. Gingrich said he would be looking around in the next couple of weeks to see if he can raise enough cash to run. Gingrich pointed out that, “Governor Romney has been very successful legitimately as a businessman. He can write a $100 million check. I mean, there’s no point in getting into a fight with a guy who can drown you unless you at least have enough resources for a vote.” If Gingrich supporters can come up with about $30 million then Gingrich says he would have to run. “But I want the commitments first. I don’t want to go out on personal ambition. If there is, in fact, enough people in the country who think we need this kind of approach and this kind of change-oriented policies, then I think I’d feel a responsibility to run,” Gingrich said. That only gives Gingrich a couple of months to start a serious campaign, but he is not worried. “I think in the age of television, we are reaching more people today than Abraham Lincoln reached personally his entire career,” Gingrich said. “I mean, you know, your show has literally that much more penetration than Abraham Lincoln’s entire career. So I think in the age of television, I’ve been in Iowa many times. I just came back from Mackinaw in Michigan yesterday. You know, we have many friends across the country. If we have enough friends, I think we could mount a campaign in a matter of weeks.” Chris Wallace asked Gingrich what he thought about Hillary Clinton’s health care proposal and he said, “Instead of saying yes/no, why don’t we take this as the start of a dialogue? Some things that she proposes are interesting and useful. Some things need to be challenged very directly.” Gingrich is showing a willingness to listen to other sides. That goes along with his American Solutions workshops that start this week where he is looking for new ideas to change America.
Alan Cosgrove

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