Newt Gingrich Says That Hillary Clinton Looks Foolish

Newt Gingrich was on Face The Nation today and told host Bob Schieffer that Hillary Clinton looked foolish with her call for repealing congressional authority for the Iraq war. “Well, I think, quite frankly, it made her look foolish,” Gingrich said. “If she honestly believed that we should get out of Iraq, vote no on the funding. The Congress has every authority under the Constitution to force the president out of Iraq.” Gingrich said that Hillary only does this to “appease her left who are very angry at her for, you know, not having gone back on her vote on the war.” Gingrich didn’t have anything bad to say about the Republican candidates. He did complain about the debates saying, “In the debate the other night, the Republicans averaged seven minutes and 20 seconds apiece, split up into 25- to 30-second answers,” he said. “The television celebrities dominate these things. They cut people off. They treat them with disrespect.” He has proposed a different style of debate. “Whoever the two nominees are, they should agree in advance to 90-minute dialogue time keeper, but no moderator 90 minutes a week, for nine weeks, from Labor Day to the election. Let the American people have in their living room a chance to see two adults.” Gingrich also talked about the possibility of him running in 08, and Gingrich is still thinking about it. “I’m going to spend all summer developing a new generation of solutions that are different than the current dialogue in Washington,” Gingrich said. “If people adopt them and people campaign on them, I probably won’t run. If, however, the ideas require an advocate and citizenship requires me to run, then in October, you know, starting on September 30th, we’ll look very seriously at whether or not that’s necessary.”
Alan Cosgrove

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