Newt Gingrich Says The Super PACs Are Going To Make A Mess And Ruin It For Everybody

Newt Gingrich was on “The Morning Joe” this morning and started talking about the Super PACs. “You watch this fall. Between the Obama Super PACs and the Romney super PACs, the conservative Super PACs, the liberal Super PACs, it’s going to be a mess and people are going to be sick of it and it’s really unfortunate. It’s not the way a great nation should govern itself,” Gingrich said. “We would be better off with a system that says any American can donate any personal amount of income after personal taxes as long as they report it online that night, and they give it to the candidate. And then the candidates would have to be responsible for the advertising. You would have a cleaner, more positive, healthier system,” Gingrich said. He added, “I threw the kitchen sink at him. He threw a bigger kitchen sink at me. It wasn’t fun. And some of it was personal. There’s no question about it. But Barack Obama makes this really easy.”

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