Obama Gives Back Some Money And Heads To The Cuban Club

Barack Obama has given back about $50,000 of his contributions because his campaign discovered it was from lobbyists. “I am concerned about the role of lobbyists and campaign donations generally in our politics,” Obama told an AP reporter “That’s part of the reason I don’t take PAC money and I’m not taking federal lobbyist money in this campaign.” They gave the money back to 49 donors that they discovered where lobbyists. The campaign said they where trying to stay true to the commitment not to take any lobbyist or PAC money. John Edwards also tries not to take any money from lobbyist of PACs. The campaign said the money may have come from lobbyist that where not familiar with Obama’s policies on accepting money. They also don’t accept money from spouses of lobbyists.
Obama was in South Carolina talking about his plans for education. “There is no issue any more important than the issue of education in this country,” Obama told the crowd. He has a plan that he will soon release about recruiting, training, and retraining teachers. He tied education into the big story of the day by talking about Imus. “I’ve got two young daughters, both of them tall, and I hope they get basketball scholarships. … I don’t need somebody on a radio station degrading that,” Obama said, “but I think it’s fair to say that there are a whole bunch of young rappers who look like us, who use the words that Don Imus does, who are on our radio stations. … That doesn’t inspire me.” Obama went on to say, “That does go back to education,” ……”Part of our best is instilling in our young people that you should be pursuing excellence and having high standards.” Obama continues his tour of the south by going into Florida on Sunday. He will be in Tampa, Florida speaking at the Cuban Club in Ybor City. The fee to see Obama speak there is only $25 Not much for a fund raiser, but he is also speaking at a private residence at a price of $2300 a head. If they included some chicken and yellow rice and some Flamingo dancers from Columbia’s at the Ybor visit it might be worth the $25.

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