Obama To Poor To Be An Elitist

Barack Obama says he is amused by the “bitter-gate” controversy, and people calling him an elitist. “It is true I am amused about this notion of elitist,” Obama said. He says he was raised by a single mom who collected food stamps, and paid for his own college education with work and scholarships. I wonder what kind of job you get to finance your way through Harvard Law school? “Michelle and I lived for the first 13 years of marriage up until three years ago, in a three bedroom condo without a garage,” Obama said. “So if you live in Chicago, that means you are scraping ice every morning.” He seems a bit bitter about this whole ice scraping thing. He fails to mention how he moved from that tiny condo into a 1.5 million dollar mansion that Tony Rezko helped him buy. He also fails to mention that the now famous “bitter” remark was made behind closed doors at the home of Gordon and Ann Getty. That is Getty as in Getty oil, and the home is on what is called “billionaire road.” Nothing elitist about any of that.
Alan Cosgrove

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  3. JP says:

    So your going after Barack Obama now? When are you going to talk about Iraq, Jobs, Health Care?
    I am sick and tired of all this “gottcha” politics from Clinton and her supporters like you!

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