Obama Waves The Flag Of Surrender

While Barack Obama spent some time in Michigan, the Kent County GOP (Grand Rapids, Michigan), released a new video ad that claims Obama will surrender the United States. The ad has a picture of old Glory blowing in the wind with a fife a drum in the background. As the narrator speaks the flag slowly changes to the flag of surrender. The narrator says, “Barack Obama believes that those of us from small towns in the Midwest… get bitter and cling to guns and religion… He will compromise America’s strength, mission and integrity.” Then he concludes as the flag goes white that the Hamas, “leadership is so excited about the prospect of Barack Obama becoming President that they have openly endorsed him and complimented his new vision for America.” They did this while Obama has decided to wear his flag pin again. Next thing you know they will show that video of Obama not saluting the flag during the national anthem while everyone else on the stage was.

Here is the video of the ad from the Kent County GOP, ‘Barack Obama show us YOUR flag’;

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