Obama Will Lose If He Runs On His Record According To Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio was on “Hannity” last night and the conversation turned to President Obama. “They don’t want this campaign to be about the president’s record. If this campaign is about president’s record he is going to lose, and he knows that. His is a record where everything was worse than date he was sworn in,” Rubio said. “So they don’t want it to be about economy, they don’t want it to be about his record. They’re going to want it to be about everything else. That is why they say these outrageous things. And let me say about Medicare, where we need to be consistent, at least as far as I am concerned: My mom is on Medicare. I will never support any changes to Medicare that would negatively affect her or any one like her who is currently on the program,” Rubio added. “I do believe, however, that people like me that are decades from retirement we are going to have accept that in order to keep Medicare as it stands for our parents and our grandparents, our Medicare, my generation’s Medicare is going to have to look different, especially if we want one. Is that too much to ask of our generation?” Rubio asked.

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